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Default thoughts on Jets - Titans

Wow. People bitch around here the way we play. Or if Ben throws one interception. Be GLAD you're not a Jets fan. That, my friends, was some of the worst football i've seen in years.
The only reason the Jets didn't get blown out by 50 points is that Tennessee's offense (aside from the C. Johnson 94 yard run) stunk up the joint too.
Thoughts :

1) Rex Ryan. Worst coach in the NFL?? Is this guy mentally ill? I've never heard of someone being SO stubborn in my life.
What does Mark Sanchez have to do to get benched????? Thow 7 interceptions in one game? 12 ? 15 ? Sanchez has played an entire year of dreadful QB - yet, Ryan still says "he's our guy".
If Ryan was anywhere else he'd be fired. His big mouth in a media attention city is the only reason he even keeps a job.

2) Tim Tebow. Why did the Jets HAVE to have him? They haven't even tried him as a starting QB, they're barely using him as a "wildcat" guy, not really as a backup, not really anything....
The Jets are ruining any chances he's going to have at a career. If i was Tebow's agent, i would demand a trade immediately - to somewhere where at least they're going to "use me". Problem is that Tim's such a nice guy, he will likely tow the line and not make waves. Anyone else would demand it.

3) Sanchez is absolutely horrific. I'm not sure if all those millions the Jets dumped on him in the offseason is "guaranteed" or not. Cut the losses - get someone else in there. Anybody. Alex Smith may be looking for a new home next year. Matt Flynn. Anyone. The milk man? The waterboy? But hey - these are the Jets. They'll stick with Sanchez. He's been given more chances to prove himself than just about anyone in the history of the game (well then again, we stuck with Kordell Stewart for quite awhile - he wasn't even this bad).

Been some teams that were supposed to be decent this year that have fell apart. Jets, Bears, Ravens, Steelers.....
Ugly game. Ugly team. Ugly coaching.
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