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Default Re: AFC North tie breakers

Can someone point out what I am missing here. I have seen people say if the Ravens lose out and we win out that we win the division but I can't figure out how so I know I am overlooking something or missing part of the rules:

1. Head to head is the first thing they look at and we split the series with the Ravens and assuming a win over the Bengals we have swept them. So that puts us in over the Bengals but we have to go to step 2 to determine vs the Ravens.

2. The 2nd thing they look at if the first doesn't clear it up is division record. Again, assuming the 9-7 scenario both us and the Ravens would finish 4-2 in the division. Meaning we have to look further.

3. This step is record vs common opponents. Right now our record vs opponents the Ravens have played or will play is 4-4 while their record is 4-3. A loss to the Giants would put them at 4-4. Add in division record and that puts us both at 7-5.

4. Next is conference record and the Ravens would be 8-4 while we are at 6-6. So doesn't that put the Ravens as the division winner?
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