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Default Re: Tim Tebow as a backup in Pitt?

Originally Posted by JVip View Post
First off, I know this will never happen, but hear me out.
We need a back-up qb and a running back. If we could use Tebow as a running back/wild cat guy in certain situations and as a 3 string qb we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. We have a franchise qb, so there won't be any backlash calling for Tebow to be the starter. He could also be used as a full back and would be a cheap addition. He is a smart guy with a ton of energy, maybe he could keep this teams head in the game, and hyped up (hopefully being flat isn't an issue next year). Personally, I am not a Tebow fan at all, but I thought it could be an interesting topic.

I REPEAT: I know this will never happen and the Steelers would never want the Tebow sideshow, this is just a thought I had watching the Jets game tonight.
The Jets need Tebow otherwise who will drive the Clown Car when Rex is off explaining how his team is just a few plays away from being great?

Not only that, they haven't quite finished ruining Sanchez's career yet and they need someone to come in and run useless hand-off plays to keep breaking any rhythm that Sanchez might develop.

Once the Jets have completely ruined what's left of their franchise, then MAYBE they'll let Tebow go off to help ruin another one, but they still have some work to do first.
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