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Default Re: Ravens will lose 2 of the next 3 and limp in at 10-6

Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
You're such a damn hypocrite. You claim to respect football and than you disrespect Tom Brady.

Here's a history lesson.

Peyton Manning was drafted #1, treated like football royalty his entire life, entered the NFL with rose peddles and a red carpet, went to a dome team, got moved to an all expansion division, had the full weight of the NFL propaganda machine to build him a legacy that isn't even real..... bombs in the post season every single year.

Tom Brady was over looked, drafted in the 6th round, had to work his ass off, now has three Superbowl rings, has shattered almost every PERFORMANCE-based Quarterback record in the league (not the kind you get from just lingering around for 20 seasons), is in the hunt each and every season, even with incredibly flawed teams, and plays with a greater passion than probably anyone else I can think of in the National Football League.

And you do nothing but disrespect this man with the most outrageous slanders imaginable, photo shopping him in skirts, lying about his attitude, inventing things that aren't real, diminish his accomplishments with ridiculous allegations, and then lecture me on how much you respect football. What a joke.

So while Brady takes all his defeats as a team, and accepts all his victories as one, as well (even when he is essentially single-handedly responsible), you despise him for it.

When his fire for winning is on display on the field, you call it a tantrum.

If he loses by one touchdown, he choked. If he wins by six touchdowns, he was padding his stats.

If he comes up short in the Superbowl because he only had 57 seconds, 90 yards to cover, and no time outs, he's not clutch.

If he takes brutal sack after brutal sack after brutal sack and still leads the Patriots to victory in a frigid December snow-storm, he's a "candy ass" because three seasons before you saw him call for a flag.

Meanwhile, Peyton Manning can whine, pout, throw his own team mates under the bus at press conferences, choke constantly in the post season, get his one SB ring gift wrapped by NFL officials with a 3/7 TD/INT play off ratio, play in a dome against expansion teams, and he's the greatest ever according to all the same people.

I'm honestly so sick of it.

I watch every Patriots game. Every single one. I see Brady call for maybe 1 or two flags a season. There's nothing unique to him about it.

There's a reason that every time Ray Lewis comes to Gillette stadium he's on the sidelines yelling ""We playing chess tonight, fellas! We ain't playin' checkers! We playin' Tom Brady tonight!"

Speaking of Ray Lewis, let him drop some knowledge on you since you're just a blind hater in dire need of a Brady education.


The NFL rules are as they are because it would be absolutely retarded to allow no name third stringers to injure or end the career of first ballot Hall of Famers.
You think Brady gets too many calls, or calls other quarterbacks wouldn't get?
Too bad. He's earned that luxary. Let me repeat that: He's EARNED that Luxary.

I'm against a lot of things the NFL has done. Rodney Harrison is one of my favorite Patriots of all time and that man wouldn't even be able to exist in today's NFL.
But Quarterbacks, who hold the ball every play and have 4 or 5 or 6 massive roided out crazies coming after them every play can't be permitted to drop out of the league like flies.

And to act like Brady is personally responsible for these rule changes is just incredible.


If you were the football fan you claim to be you would respect this man.

You don't see me photo shopping Ray Lewis in a skirt or at a murder scene, or Polamalu with bows in his hair.
You want to talk handed super bowls? How many do you have since spygate?
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