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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Indianapolis's success has less to do with Arians and a lot to do with the fact that Andrew Luck is the next level of QB.

There was Montana, and then Manning/Brady, and now there is Luck.

Luck has the strengths of all of those QBs, sans the weaknesses. As a rookie, he is phenominal: above where Manning was, for sure... and Manning picked the offense up quickly. Manning was given the entire play-book; so was Luck, and Luck is having success (whereas, Manning was 3-13). BB was given a scaled down offense (like he should have been given) and had great success... but, again, Luck has been given the entire offense (& still having success).

It's all about Luck.

Haley's offense (just as Pittsburgh's season) has been hindered by a ton of fumbles and/or WRs not getting their feet in bounds.

As far as keeping BB healhty, Haley was doing just that: BB had been sacked less & hurried less than in years prior. BB's current injury was a fluke.

Speaking of the injury, BB being out for three games (plus the game when he returned from injury, where he looked "out of sorts") will affect the amount of points scored and/or a team's overall record.

Before the injury, the Steelers were 6-3 (a record that they have achieved EVERY year), but this year, BB was the best in the league on 3rd downs... and, again, this year, BB has been sacked less than in years prior.
Okay, so when anyone not named Arians is the OC and Ben gets hurt, it's a "fluke?" That's just utter silliness - and now it's turning into excuse making. The offense failed to keep him healthy. Missed 3 weeks. No middle ground in that regard.

As for scoring, Ben being there hasn't made the difference it should. The Steelers worry about time of possession and balance too much to score enough points. They only scored 30+ points once this season, and that was in a loss to Oakland.

As for the three game stretch where they had 100+ yards rushing, maybe that was the fluke? After the Giants game the running game has vanished, and guys were still healthy.
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