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Default Re: #1 Defense By Smoke & Mirrors

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
Okay, so when anyone not named Arians is the OC and Ben gets hurt, it's a "fluke?" That's just utter silliness - and now it's turning into excuse making. The offense failed to keep him healthy. Missed 3 weeks. No middle ground in that regard.

As for scoring, Ben being there hasn't made the difference it should. The Steelers worry about time of possession and balance too much to score enough points. They only scored 30+ points once this season, and that was in a loss to Oakland.

As for the three game stretch where they had 100+ yards rushing, maybe that was the fluke? After the Giants game the running game has vanished, and guys were still healthy.
A quarterback can be hurt on any given play. It only takes ONE play. Ergo, in order to keep the odds of the QB being injured, having him hit LESS is the key.

Less sacks = less hits = less chance for injury

The sack totals are down. Period.

QUESTION: You keep averring that "the Steelers worry about time of possession"... where did you hear that? read that? know that from? I have never heard anything about that being their primary goal. Link please...

I, on the other hand, aver that they are trying to coach BB, in order to make him a better QB... such as leading the league in third-down percentage. And, as anyone who knows football knows, third down is the key to a team's success: converting third downs & stopping the other team from converting third downs.

More third downs completed... by BB... via passing... despite some phantom "time of possession" doctrine. THAT is why Haley is better.
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