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Default Re: This loss stung less than any to me

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
There were no good teams on the field yesterday. Just two average ones.
Yep, largely the same team that went 24 - 8 is average. Give me a break.

This team isn't average, but we've been ravaged by injuries. Before you say "SO HAVE THE COWBOYS AND RAVENS", stop. They haven't even been close to the extent of our injuries so that argument is ridiculous. Sure, they've lost starters but in the case of the Cowboys - that defense is largely average players. Losing them isn't comparable to losing someone like Troy, Ike or Woodley.

The amount of Pro Bowl guys we've lost is beyond ridiculous and the way they've been injured is almost just as ridiculous. The shitty luck we hit every 3 years is almost like Whisenhunt cursed us with some kind of voodoo for not hiring him. This season has been marred and run off course by these injuries and the fact that we're 7 - 7 shouldn't really surprise anyone. I want someone to show me a team that loses half of it's Pro Bowl defensive roster and franchise quarterback that still controls it's own destiny for making the playoffs. I'll wait, I really will.

People need to realize that when we were 6 - 3, we were one of the best - if not the best - team in football at that time. Let's call her a mulligan, draft well and win a title next year.

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