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Default Keys to beating Cinci

No need for explanation on what this is. I will say what I think and you all can do so as well. These aren't neccessarily ordered by importance but the order I thought of them.

1. Get Plaxico involved. The few times the guy has been in he has been able to do some things. He adds height and a good redzone threat and we need to put up more than 3 the way our D is playing. We have him, we need to get him more involved. It isn't as if our offense is firing on all cylinders. I don't really see how a change can hurt in any case given how our wideouts have been performing.

Skillset aside, I am looking for a spark. The team just does not seem to WANT victory as much as they should. Particularly with the receivers dropping balls or fumbling or whatever. You know Plax wants to be relevant again. He is hungry and even moreso at a home game at Heinz field.

2. HEEEEEEEEEEATH! You know who I mean and I am not even explaining this one. He is our offesive MVP, having a career year and continues to be on fire. GET HIM THE BALL!

3. Run game. Last time we played Cinci we were able to run on em. Dwyer had like 122 on 17 carries or something close to that. Don't get away from the run game. TOP with a 7 at the end (see points 1 and 2 for how to achieve that) would make this game a walk in the park. Easier said than done but we are capable of doing it. I think TOP is even more important than usual given the fact that AJ Green is going to be out there with no Ike T on the field. Well, and our defensive is playing soft overall.

No anyone who knows me should expect this next part but while I say we need to run, I specifically mean we need to run the ball with Redman. I said it before and will continue to say it while the facts back me.....He is our best running back and overall a great running back when given a chance. Numbers support the argument as well as eye test and common sense. Hell, look at the Cowboys game. Dwyer did nothing (9 for 22 yards or something like that?) Redman had 3 for 30 as well as the catch out of the backfield breaking tackles and getting the first down.

So to summarize. Plaxico, Heath and Redman. If those 3 are our gameplan I guarantee we win the game. I say it with 100% confidence and would bet any amount of money I could muster on a victory.

What say you?
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