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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
But the shooter's mother was "high strung" but apparently what is defined as sane - no background check was going to keep the weapons she bought away from her nutcake son

It gets back to measuring the costs and benefits of regulating a product - if you need a 30 clip magazine to make target practice meaningful fine - you can buy it at the range and not take it offsite

If you want to go hunting go for it - but you do not need an AR-15 to do it

Urban dwellers such as myself have a blind spot with regard to gun enthusiasts (I joined FBI agents in my federal prosecutor days at the range but have not continued the practice) but red state America has made my previous enjoyment of marijuana a crime so it as not as if the Government has not banned what I regard as a net benefit to my personal well being.

As far as Americans being "culturally" more violent than Aussies? - really? As I said before, you cannot ignore the easy access to guns as part of that difference.
Meanwhile, you totally overlook that banned guns have been used in mass shootings.

I used to be an urban dweller too. I'm not sure how that's relevant to the topic.

Nobody uses AR-15's for hunting. You can't use semi-auto weapons for hunting. The 2nd amendment doesn't just define hunting though.

You also keep wanting to make this a personal issue (blaming a high strung mother). So what if she was sane enough to own guns? You think if she didn't own guns something like this couldn't happen? The dude had mental issues. Obviously. To be able to shoot your own mother, and then classrooms full of children means you have serious issues. Yeah, gun bans will surely fix that shit.
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