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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
The same could be said about cars.

Put a limit of only being able to drive them 10 miles a day, ban "high powered" cars and so on. More people/children are killed by cars every year than people by guns a year. And hey think of the energy we'd be saving.
Hate to break the news to you but private ownership of vehicles has a hell of a lot greater net benefit to the majority of the citizenry than the private ownership of guns
(take a poll - ask how many people would be willing to walk everywhere)

Leaving aside the theological position that the right to bear all munitions is absolute under the Second Amendment, regulation is based upon cost/benefit analysis - the lesser the benefit the more justified the costs

As I told SC Mom earlier, I respect your opinion - we will agree to disagree on this
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