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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Well, I was speaking in modern terms...not hundreds of years ago. Somehow, that penal colony evolved into a civilized nation. That's the nation I'm talking about when I say Australia.

I'm always surprised by your reactions on gun control. You are a self described anarchist that wants a federal ban on weapons. It's just weird to me.

As Dan wants to agree to disagree with me, I suppose we should do the same. I don't disagree with you on much, but this seems to be the issue where there is lack of middle ground.
I am indeed an anarchist, which means I have little choice but to agree to disagree with people. But I also am a committed pacifist and democrat (small "d" of course). I am quite certain that guns are toxic to any healthy political discourse, and they are clearly not peaceful.
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