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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
True that

But people still die in auto accidents - that does not mean you eliminate equipping vehicles with air bags and seat belts
perhaps not , but does anyone need a 400 hp engine anymore than a person needs a 30 round clip ?
people die everyday thanks to driving at high rates of speed despite speed limits and laws ....i know / knew people on both ends of traffic fatalities that were due to driving at wreck less high speeds and i'm sure most of you do as well... so where's the outrage over these killing machines ?
does anyone need a car or motorcycle that does 160 when the speed limit is 65 ?
would you support a ban on sports cars or anything over 150 hp ?
would traffic fatalities decrease with strict "auto control" ?

i want an all out ban on these death traps !!! what say you mach ?
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