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Originally Posted by tcholas View Post
I know its not in the Jungle, and its better not to be because we play better away. Chiefs yes, you won by 3, and lost to ridiculous raiders and eagles. It will be a long long day for the stealers.
The only thing that will be long is this week if we have to continue being subjected to your mind numbing stupidity until the Steelers send your soft, won-nothing team home with their kitty cat tails between their legs.... AGAIN!

But look on the bright side, when that happens, at least they'll HAVE something between their legs and they can pretend to be men in front of their bedroom mirrors. Maybe it will breed a little actual masculinity in them within the next 30 years or so (I know, that's a little optimistic) . A good first step was getting rid of that pu$$y Palmer. You're on your way!

Honestly, only a Bungles fan would come talking smack before a game against a team who has historically owned them and were already beaten by them this year once.... IN THEIR OWN HOUSE!

And oh yeah.... "We Dey", numbnuts.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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