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Originally Posted by TRH View Post
such a shame as Woodley was all set to be one of the NFL's biggest time linebackers. I was expecting GREAT things after that big contract.
Now, when there's discussions about the best and great LB's in the league - Woodley's not even mentioned. He goes entire games without even being noticed. Only time i even saw him in the Dallas game when he got burned on an outside pass and looked winded trying to get over there (which he didn't, by the way...).

In the last few games, Harrison's been outplaying Woodley's play by a good margin.

Maybe he should stop fooling around putting team bowling leagues together and all that community service and start being a monster in the gym every day for a few hours instead. I don't know what he's got to do but he's got to get it together.
Looks confused on the field as to whether to drop back to coverage or to try and stuff the line - meanwhile excelling at neither one.
Its too late for him to get in shape now, he needs to come back next season at 245 pounds and lean.
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