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Originally Posted by Steel Peon View Post
Well, you started out as a non-numbnut by admitting your Chefs error, but then you follow it up by stepping on your dick by saying we lost to the Iggles, which we didn't. If you're a troll, then you're definitely a Steelers fan posing as a Bungles fan to get us all worked up. I say you'd better go with that theory, otherwise you're a really inept Bungles fan, for one posting in a Steelers forum at all, and for two not knowing what the hell you're talking about.
You hardly beat the Eagles, 16-14. I just saw on internet. Sorry but I don't follow your team, I just know that things aren't good for you, so I thought you had a big L too. By the way, losing to OAK,TEN, SD, CLE, and with referee help winning the KC by 3, its not so humilliating losing to PHI too, except if Vick were in.
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