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Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Congratulations, he was taking care of a guard who shouldn't have been playing at all if DeCastro didn't get injured. That is easily the dumbest point you've made in this thread, and you've said some really stupid things already.

So, he owned a guard but couldn't do dick all to Ben all day? What does that say about his productivity? You'd think if he was truly an all-star tackle he'd be all over Ben all day, but this wasn't the case. Our offensive line has improved since we last played you and we're suddenly going to get overwhelmed by that overrated pass rush you guys have? I hope you realize that makes absolutely no sense.
1 thing I can say for sure, our DL may be overrated but Ben won't have 9 seconds to thrown a ball. I can guarantee this. We will work on containment and collapsing the pocket, because inside the pocket Ben is average. If he starts dancing outside the pocket, I expect a blitz or a 5th man to bring him down.
I also expect a lot of clean hits on Big Ben, making him feel it. Some contact on his ribs and his bad shoulder won't hurt nobody.

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
You're going to beat us at home, playing against a rejuvenated offensive line and a team that is playing for their playoff lives. So, you're trusting Andy Dalton in a must-win situation over Ben Roethlisberger?
DeCastro is just a rookie in his 3rd starting game, our DL will teach him some lessons. And in QB comparison, of course Big Ben wins big, but this isn't only about QB. If we shutdown Miller and Brown, Plaxico won't do much. It won't be easy to shutdown Miller, but its possible.
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