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Default Re: Current Steelers offensive line offers insight into the future

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I agree: The Colon is a monster... when he is not getting a false start and/or a holding penalty. Oh...
For reals.

While it is always easier for us fans to criticize and point fingers at players for making mistakes that any of us would make if roles were reversed, the ones I cannot get over, are NEUTRAL ZONE INFRACTIONS. Those are INEXCUSABLE.

By the time a lineman reaches college, that should have been eliminated from his game completely. It is a mental error-- not one made in the line of fire or when bodies start flying around.

False starts are STUPID. From high school, we were trained to keep the football in the corner of our vision once in our 3-point stance. As an Olineman, it is supposed to be second nature-- YOU DON'T MOVE UNTIL YOU SEE THE BALL START TO COME BACK!!! Doesn't matter what crowd noise there is, doesn't matter what the QB is saying, doesn't mater if the snap count was on 2 in the huddle-- until that ball starts to get hiked, you are supposed to be like stone.

Matter of factly, my last two years of high school ball (I played Center), we went with a silent count most of the time. That is only possible when your Oline is well disciplined enough thast you don't draw your own guys offsides.

Lining up in the neutral zone? Equally as moronic. It's really easy-- the Center breaks huddle a second before everyone else, because he is the reference point. he gets into his 3 point stance, and then from him, the guaards line up with their toes parallel to the Center's heels, and the tackles should be lined up parallel to the guard next to him.

Fundamentals, man, fundamentals.
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