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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I never suggested he was running for office. I'm not running for office either (libertarian here. Voting for people without being certain of their actual approaches seems to be a common thing in the US today. Why would you vote for them if you weren't certain of their approaches?
Because aside from the Presidential and U.S. Senate races Georgia elections usually are walkovers - the Dems did not even bother to nominate someone to run against the 2 GOP incumbents.

If there only minor party candidates opposing the incumbent in those circumstances I will vote for the minor party candidate - if only the incumbent is on the ballot I leave my ballot for that office blank - my small protest regarding how most "elections" have become a ritual term renewal for whomever holds the office
FWIW I did not think you were accusing him of running for office either - my reply was in response to the question of how one engages with the Government while having grave reservations about much of what the Government oversees in the 21st century

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