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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Understood from both perspectives.

I just didn't get why you would vote for someone based on party alone, Dan. As a libertarian, I'm not questioning your choices, just wondering lol.

I'm a firm believer in knowing what people are running for, and why. That includes local elections.

This isn't on topic though, even if I think it's an interesting debate (why people vote the way they do).

What I'd like to know is, what are people's opinions on UN gun bans? (I'd mostly like to hear opinions from those who are for more US gun regulation.)

Do you think the US has a right to allow the UN to impose gun regulations on our country? Or should we be allowed to decide those laws for ourselves?

My answer would be that I don't think the federal gov't should be allowed to determine laws for all states (minus slavery laws, etc.). I see gun laws like I see drug or abortion laws. I don't think the federal gov't should have a say in it. The 10th amendment allows states to make their own laws that are not superseded by federal laws. So obviously I don't think the UN should be allowed to determine out gun laws.
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