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Default Ben Is Alowed To Complain!!

A big part of the Steeler’s woes this season stems from the inability to execute well on offense. This should not be! The Steelers have, perhaps, the most talented quarterback in the NFL, today. They have a good crew of running backs, and receivers, as well. It's true, this year, there has been an abnormal amount of injuries to the offensive line, but the depth is there, so it hasn’t been an overwhelming factor.

No, the problem lies with the coaches, mainly Todd Haley. The offensive game planning, and the play calling, more often than not, was not appropriate for the situation, and did not work. We need to thank Ben Roethlisberger for having the balls to change some of the poorly chosen plays that Todd Haley sent in, replacing them with plays that did work, and scored points. Otherwise, we might be talking about the high choices that we are going to get in next year’s draft.
After the loss to Dallas, Ben, inadvertently, spoke out in the media, passing some of the blame off of the team, and himself, putting it were it belonged, on Todd Haley’s head. For this, he was reprimanded by Mike Tomlin, and Todd Haley. He was, unjustly, forced to humble himself by apologizing in the media. Mike Tomlin, and Todd Haley should be thanking their lucky stars that he did that. By all that is right, they should both be on their knees, in front of Ben Roethlisberger, kissing his Super Bowl Rings.

I know... Allowed is spelled with two L's... lol

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