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Default Re: Ben Is Alowed To Complain!!

Ben's the 2 time SB champ and franchise QB, Haley has won nothing and his offense is struggling, so yeah Ben has the right to complain. I don't think the offense struggling has much to do with Ben or Haley though. Of course one player doesn't lose a game, but Ben screwed the pooch in Dallas and Denver and not only will it come back to haunt us, but it seems like Ben has lost the final drive magic. That said, it shouldn't come down to the final drive very often, there is too much talent on this offense. I do agree that our WR's appear to be overrated, specifically Wallace and to a lesser extent Sanders, and that is what's hurting us the most. The drops and the fumbles after the catch are KILLING THE OFFENSE. The WR's/TE's get open, but only Heath and Brown can catch it, and Brown is having problems hanging on to it. Haley needs to lay off the run JUST A BIT when the O line is struggling to run block, and he DEFINITELY needs to get rid of all these 1-4 yard passes and replace some of them with some more 10-15 yard passes so that we're not always in 3rd down situations, but I don't think Haley is too much of the problem.

Our RB's are not top flight, but Dwyer does pretty good when the O line at least can block their guys for a yard or two. The O line was kicking ass running and pass blocking until the slew of injuries, now they are back to being terrible run blocking and average pass blocking, and that has definitely hurt the team.

This is a hard team to diagnose. With so many vets and a coach that is supposedly pretty damn good, there isn't much excuse for the lack of heart, leadership, and consistency. Is it the coach's, the defense, the offense, ST or all of it? Hard to tell where fault really lies when the number one problem is that the players appear not to give a f****.
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