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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

I'm not entirely sure why people are for states' rights over those of the federal government. The US is a state, after all, and why is one state better than another (and let's face it: if you live in the Deep South, for example, Federal laws might seem positively dreamy compared to state and local laws, especially for non-rich non-whites.

But at least one part of it I get: it's a movement downward, closer to oneself, which is cool. But it's still largely moot in these here United States. Anything beyond the county level (and probably more like the city level) is completely bought and paid for and out of our hands. So why choose the states over the Feds?

There are advantages to federal law, especially with something like gun bans. It would be nice to think that a California gun ban isn't rendered completely meaningless by lax Nevada and Arizona laws.

And yes, the second amendment is all that matters. It needs to be repealed. No meaningful debate (even just debate!) can take place in this country while the 2nd amendment stands.
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