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Default Re: Do we break the bank on Hampton ?

Smart decision...Get rid of another rock solid first round pick. Chris Hoke sucks. He filled in averagely because he didn't have to make plays because the rest of the defensive squad was. Hell lets let him go today and put our a$$es in a jam. I have met both Casey and Chris at separate locations. Casey is the real deal. Chris Hoke is a shrimp who gets pushed around. Hampton=Top 5 D-lineman in the league. Hoke=expendable backup who isn't worth a 7th round pick. Then lets look at who plays beside him. Kimo.....Wow so next year we will really suck on the d-line. Aaron Smith can't penetrate a whole offensive line himself. The offensive lineman are going to smack our D-line in the face and tie up our linebackers so we will suck all over again in that aspect of the game. Good game planning....
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