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Default Re: Return of running game a must for Steelers offense

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post
dwyer = sucks
redman = can't stay healthy
rainey = too small
batch = not ready for primetime
mendenhall = jackass

running back is a must in the next draft
Gonna have to disagree with some of these. While Dwyer hasn't been good I wouldn't say he sucks either. He had back to back 100 yard games and this whole season our line has been completely screwed.

Unless I am remembering wrong Redman has been injured one time so again, I wouldn't conclude that he can't stay healthy. If he can, he is definitely our guy to be the feature back. He has proven he can do it in big games and (fairly) consistently breaks off 20+ runs.

Agree on Rainey. Absolutely no way he can be the feature back. I would almost argue he isn't needed at all if it weren't for his KR capability. He is too small to block on third down and he doesn't catch/perform any better than our other backs coming out of the backfield as a receiver.

Batch.....I have no idea about. He hasn't had many oppurtunities to show what he is capable of so I can't even begin to say. Obviously our coaches have an idea but I trust their opinions about as much as I trust Ben alone in a bathroom with my fiance.

Agree on Mendenhall as well. Though I will add for all of his physical capabilities he rarely if ever, performs at a level we should and do expect from him.

In my opinion there is no need at the position and there should be no controversy. There is one guy who stands out above the rest and should be the starter (unless as you say he can't stay healthy). Dwyer, Rainey and Batch are just fine as backups to him. I stand by the fact that it is a waste to look for a RB anytime soon when we have bigger needs.
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