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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I have a couple problems with Haley's offense. I think what needs to be addressed first and foremost is the lack of gameplanning around Mike Wallace. Why is he running intermediate and underneath routes when he has the talent and speed to blow the top off a defense? The same could be said for Manny and AB - we should be running a vertical offense that gives Ben the chance to throw it down field more often. I'm not saying I'm completely against the 'dink and dunk' that he's implemented, but we have talented WRs and we're not using them properly. We've invested in our offensive line heavily the past few years to protect Roethlisberger and his offense often times feels like it's going overboard with keeping Ben safe. He isn't made of glass and he isn't going to change how he plays - let the receivers run and let Ben make things happen the way only Ben can.

The other major gripe I have about his offense is the lack of running outside the tackles. Look, when Rainey is on the field, he shouldn't be running it up the middle. Let him bounce it outside and make a play in open space instead of having to fight through linebackers and defensive linemen. I don't understand the big fad here in Pittsburgh of "run it up the middle! ya!" when that shit isn't working and hasn't for years.

Despite the weaknesses in his gameplan, it's still a step up from watching Arians call plays.
That's the one area where I think Haley has "failed" (for lack of a better word). I think that even if Wallace is only a "one-trick pony" (which I do not really think is accurate), it is one hell of a trick. Ergo, throw it deeeeep to him five or six times per game, and have him run deep ten to twelve times per game. If nothing else, it makes the FS play waaaay deep.

Of course, that said, BB is not the best at throwing the deep ball (I guess that he isn't perfect). And, of course, there is the fact that Wallace will drop half of those passes.


BB hits Wallace in stride once in every three attempts (2 of 6 attempts)... Wallace catches one in every two good throws (1 of 2)... carry the one... one long reception per game.

Again, even if they only connect once per game, the number of attempts alone would push the FS back.

I, too, wonder why that is.

Maybe they don't have the OGs to pull & block to the outside... (El-Gonzo Jackson, please tell us if that is so).

Maybe the RBs can't get outside... BUT, Rainey sure as heck can. Hmmm...

I don't know why they don't run outside. Good question.

MAIN GOALIf his main goal was to prolong BB's career and/or make BB a more effective passer, Haley has accomplished his goal.
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