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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I agree with you-- somewhat. What you are asking for here, is Bruce Arians to come back to the Burgh.

The goal of Haley's offense is to take the high-percentage gains and keep Ben from holding the ball trying to force something downfield.
Arians in the only OC that ever takes shots down field? High-percentage stuff might make Ben's stats look good, but it has resulted in the 20th ranked scoring offense.

Although he is quick, sending Antonio Brown deep is not using him the correct way. He is a possession receiver, who specializes in YAC.

Mike Wallace's talent is single-fold-- he can run really fast. Can't catch, can't run clean routes. Sure, send him deep every play. For what it's worth-- teams don't fear him as uch anymore. he does not draw the double coverage he did in past years. They know he will drop it.
Well when you don't take shots, the other team has nothing to respect.

Ala Bruce Arians......
Well, Haley didn't keep him safe either. "But there were injuries to the offensive line!" Hey, there were injuries to the offensive line in years past and it wasn't an excuse. You don't dumb down your strengths because you're shitting your pants over your perceived weaknesses. The Steelers have done that, play small ball, and it has resulted in a 7-7 record thus far.
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