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Default Re: Return of running game a must for Steelers offense

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Isn't this Bruce Arians version 2.3.56? The result was 46 sacks per year....

Ben is at his best when they can roll him out of the pocket and use play-action, which involves using the run to setup the pass.
That is not how the Steelers are built anymore, nor is it how most NFL offenses operate. I know many of you desperately wish the NFL went back in time with offenses, but it's not happening. Want the QB to take fewer hits - get better o-line play. Not every throw by Brady and Manning is a quick pass. Their lines give them time.

Speaking of Brady and Manning, isn't it funny that those teams have better running games than the Steelers? Perhaps that should open up some eyes as to how far behind the 8-ball the Steelers are with modern NFL offenses. But no, gotta stick to tradition and do what granddaddy's team would do. (Which is funny, because eventually granddaddy realized TOP and defense wasn't enough - guess we have selective memory here.)
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