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Default Re: Return of running game a must for Steelers offense

Originally Posted by VictoryFormation View Post
I know that the power run, out of the I-Formation from the last decade, and 1990's is not in vogue any more, but I still believe in a balanced attack. I believe that an offense needs to run to set up the pass. Beginning with their first offensive possession, a team should come out, and establish the run. Once you are able to run the ball effectively against the opposing team, you are able to do anything. Once you establish the run, then you can begin to mix in the pass, and then begin to turn big plays down-field. If something goes wrong, you can always go back to the run, because you know that you can run effectively. It is important to keep a nice mix of run, and pass throughout the game. You don't want to lose sight of things, and abandon the run during a game just because you are throwing the ball well. You need to be consistent at mixing between the run, and the pass. Passing, moves the ball down-field, putting more points on the board. Running, controls the clock, keeps the opposing offense off the field longer, and wears down the opposing defense. The pass, and the run work hand-in-hand. It is the way football was meant to be played.
Well, you can believe that all you want, but understand:

1.) The Steelers try that and aren't good at it.

2.) Plenty of other teams run the ball much better than the Steelers, including finesse teams like the Patriots and Broncos. Today's NFL is all about the quick strike, not TOP. Those teams put up points early, mix in the run to keep defenses off balance, then grind out the clock when they've already won the game. Stubbornly trying to pound it in the middle (like the Steelers do), will just put you in 2nd & long and 3rd & long situations all game.
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