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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
But they're playing scared. The Steelers are so worried about what "could" happen that they dumb down their strengths to try and cover up perceived weaknesses. And generally in sports when you worry about getting hurt, you get hurt - ala Ben missing 3 weeks.

The truth is this offense doesn't utilize its best weapons in the most effective way (in fear of what "could" happen), and it's no better at scoring than Arians' offense was. Quite odd isn't it? Todd Haley has a history of adapting a scheme to best fit his personnel. Maybe he's not in full control.
I disagree with the first paragraph. Simply, as Greg Cosell said this morning, "They are playing smarter & better."

Think about it this way. Here is how it was:

1st & 10... deep... incomplete
2nd & 10... deep... incomplete
3rd & 10... the defense knows it's a pass... sack.

Versus how the Haley system is supposed to go:

1st & 10... look deep... dump off to AB
2nd & 7... look deep... dump off to Heath
3rd & 4... the defense is guessing (run or pass?)... AND it is makeable yardage.

That said, and I know you well enough to foresee your reply... alas, here is what it has actually been too much of:

1st & 10... run up the middle
2nd & 9... run up the middle
3rd & 8... the defense knows it's a pass... BB throws it away.

I agree with you about SOME of the second paragraph.

The scoring (or lack thereof) is a concern. That said, before the injury, it was not a problem. And, again, the fumbles killed many scoring drives.

Speaking of fumbles, I truly think that Haley has designed plays to the strengths of AB & Heath. While Heath has exceled, AB has fumbled (literally). And we all agree: not enough deep passes to Wallace (maybe not 6 per game, like I suggested, but more than once per game).

As far as Haley not having control, that was a very clever way of blaming Art II. I gotta give you credit for that roundabout way of slipping that in. Kudos for creativity.
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