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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
I think this would be the best chance for the Bengals to kill two birds with one stone: get into the playoffs and eliminate the Steelers from the playoffs. But until that is done, I will wait in anticipation. If we cannot beat a decimated Steelers team, then we definitely do not deserve to go to the playoffs.

It's do or die for both teams. I expect a really good game. This game has the potential to be very close or it may just get away from one team and end up as a blowout.

I would have preferred if this were the SNF game.
don't go out on a limb there. It may be close or one team might blow out the other but you're not sure which? Do you have any lottery numbers to share?

I for one, say we outlast the Bengals by 10. 27-17 Stillers.
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