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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

I have NFL Game Rewind and watch the coach's film, and I would agree that we are better with Haley, and could be A LOT better if he fixes a few minor things and our WR's hang on to the ball. Ben throwing INT's for 6 points in Dallas and Denver basically ended those games for us, and Sanders/Wallace/Brown can't hang on to the ball AFTER the catch. Wallace doesn't seem to even be able to make the catch half the time. So it's obvious that Haley hasn't got much help from the players.

Ben was having a career year before the injury and we were running it pretty decent before we lost multiple offensive lineman, and Heath is being used properly finally. Also, the smaller details like using a FB, using Heath to help Adams when he had to come in at RT, etc. are things that Arians didn't even know was possible.

My major (and pretty much only) problem with Haley is that everybody is running a short route. When i watch the coach's film, often times we have EVERY WR/TE/RB running a route of 7 yards or less. I'm not talking about the screen's or trick type plays, I'm talking about every 1st and 2nd down. When I re-watched last game we literally had 4 plays where every target ran a route less then 5 yards. Throw it down field sometimes!! I'm not talking about deep balls, but it is called a "forward" pass, throw it down field 10-15 yards so we can actually get a first down on 1st or 2nd. And run it outside sometimes, running up the gut is not working well. If our WR's could hang on to the ball and Haley would get some routes down field this offense would be top notch.
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