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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Even if they are obsessed with ToP-- WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? We have a lot of old guys on defense, and the way to keep a defense fresh is to own the ball and not let the other team do the same.

It also deprives the other team of scoring opportunities if they don't have the ball.
Because that's an outdated way of thinking. This defense has been burned even when the offense owned TOP. This is no longer a grind-it-out clock possession league, it's about striking quickly. You wanna take pressure off a defense, score more points and put the pressure on the other team.

How many times have we seen the Steelers grind out a long drive, only to come out with a FG? And after that, how many times have we seen the other team march down the field quickly and get a TD? It's time the Steelers stop fearing the quick strike teams and become one.

Again, that is a winning strategy, in any level of football. Where we got derailed this year was with the injuries, the defense that started out rough, lack of a legit franchise RB, and a freak injury to Ben on a sack that did not look any more vicious than the 46 per season he was averaging under Arians.

The gameplan was nearly flawless, the execution is where the failure was.
7-7, 20th in scoring. Not winning football. Take your head out of the 70's.

20th in scoring is two spots above where Arians offense ranked in its prime, if I am not mistaken. Keep in mind, when Arians took over, he was already an assistant for our team and did nto do a complete overhaul of teh playbook like Haley was expected to do upon arrival.
Then maybe an overhaul wasn't the right solution. Maybe what worked should have been kept, keeping the focus more on red zone efficiency. If a dud like Arians can have the 9th scoring offense in his first season as OC, there's no excuse for Haley not to do better.

All things considered, our offense was clicking this year in a way it hasn't done in seasons, until Ben got hurt and the wheels fell off in KC.

"Instead of fearing the quick strike teams, they need to become one?" Isn't that what Haley is doing?
Umm, do you not know what quick strike means? Quick strike means scoring points quickly, like the Patriots, Broncos, and Packers do.
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