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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

You aver that the MAIN goal of this offense is TOP, but I have never heard anyone say that. Whereas, I have indeed heard them say that their main goal is to prolong BBs career. Less sacks = goal achieved.
I avert it's the goal based off what I see. When 3 speedy receivers only run down field 5 yards, that should tell you a lot about this offense.

Last year's game against the Taperiots.... a good game, yes?

They kept Brady on the sidelines.

Yes, obviously, the difference was that the offense scored TDs (everyone agrees with that), but keeping the ball for longer is not a bad thing.
They actually let Ben beat the Patriots that time and didn't limit him to 5 yard passes. How about the Denver game? Offense possesses the ball for a long time, then Manning comes back and goes 80 yards in less than a minute, three times.

6-3 before BB's injury.

Scoring offense ranked TWO places higher than Arians offense, even after BB missed three games.
Still underachieving. Again, Arians had the 9th ranked offense in his first year. If the worst human being in the world had that kind of an offense in his first year, why can't Haley? No excuses. Maybe blowing up everything on the offense was the wrong move. Maybe instead the focus should have been on red zone efficiency as they were pretty good moving the ball in between the 20's.
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