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Default Re: GREG COSELL: Haley & Big Ben

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
I avert it's the goal based off what I see. When 3 speedy receivers only run down field 5 yards, that should tell you a lot about this offense.

They actually let Ben beat the Patriots that time and didn't limit him to 5 yard passes. How about the Denver game? Offense possesses the ball for a long time, then Manning comes back and goes 80 yards in less than a minute, three times.

Still underachieving. Again, Arians had the 9th ranked offense in his first year. If the worst human being in the world had that kind of an offense in his first year, why can't Haley? No excuses. Maybe blowing up everything on the offense was the wrong move. Maybe instead the focus should have been on red zone efficiency as they were pretty good moving the ball in between the 20's.
I will give you that. Iíd like to see Wallace go deeper. But, if the goal was to keep BB upright, those short routes have kept him from getting killed.

Quick throws = less sacks = goal achieved.

The point of me mentioning that game was that the offense controlled the clock & owned the TOP in that game. BB hit a bunch of short passes, with (yes) the occasional deep pass. But, the Steelers marched methodically down the field, while Brady stood on the sidelines.

Time of possession is not a bad thing at which to do well.

BB missed a wide-open Heath Miller in the back of the end-zone; in fact, he hit the goal-post. BB also threw a pick-six.

My point is not to blame BB; my point is that BB was THROWING the ball.

The defense allowed Peyton to march down the field. The DEFENSE. How is that relevant to the offense??? How is Haley responsible for Demaryius Thomasís long TD run???

Agreed. The red-zone scoring is still lacking. That comes down to execution. I recall vividly drops by WRs, WRs not getting their feet in bounds, and errant throws.

As Cosell said: the correct plays were called, but the execution is lacking (he cited fumbles).

In 2007, BB was not injured. Santonio Holmes & Hines Ward were in their primes. FWP was running rampant. And, they played the NFC West (which was horrible). I would expect Arians to have a good year.
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