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Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
don't go out on a limb there. It may be close or one team might blow out the other but you're not sure which? Do you have any lottery numbers to share?

I for one, say we outlast the Bengals by 10. 27-17 Stillers.
I say the talent on the field goes to the Bengals, but I don't trust Marv in critical games like this. If Marv trusts in the talents of the players and lets them play, then yeah, Bengals can definitively beat the Steelers.

The Steelers are alert for opportunity at all times no matter what the personnel. If Marv sits on a lead or has to play catch-up, I know Tomlin will have something designed to keep the ball out of Bengals hands. Then Marv would try to hard and the game would get away from him.

I'm not going to be a dick and just proclaim my team will beat your team like pimp to a bitch. We may have a better record, but the game still has to be played. And until the Bengals beat the Steelers and Ravens definitively, I refuse to be swayed strongly to one side.

All I am saying is that this is the best chance the Bengals have had in a long-ass time to beat the Steelers and I hope they take advantage of it.

I know all too well that shit happens any given Sunday.
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