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Default Re: Does anyone recall a Steeler team this bad at tackling?

Originally Posted by Rowland2110 View Post
I dont recall a Cowher team EVER being this bad on a consistent basis. Sure he has some terrible games and some average seasons all coaches do. But this season is absolutely unacceptable. Itis the WAY THEY ARE LOSING GAMES that makes it so bad.

I dont expect tomlin to be fired this year after an extension but if next season is a repeat of this, you had better believe Tomlins ass will be on the line in 2014.
I am no Tomlin fan whatsoever but wasting an otherwise SB caliber team by starting Kordell for so long still eats at me. Also, several times he stuck with veterans one year too long when their better replacements were ready to take over. But, unlike Tomlin, at least he drafted enough good players for that to be a problem. There is NOBODY behind Troy, Ike, ANY of our bad linemen, Ben, Mendenhall or Heath. That is a lot of positions where they have failed to draft and develop replacements. It is unacceptable.
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