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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Like I said, I'm for federal regulations in certain instances (slavery, civil rights, commerce and labor regulations, etc....powers already delegated by the US Constitution).

I am not for federal regulations on things like drug laws, same sex marriage, abortion...where federal law trumps state law. Or do you want the 10th amendment struck down as well? Should individual states not have a right to their own laws anymore, period? When the federal gun bans were lifted, I'm sure you were still glad that CA had strict gun laws. What if federal law trumped all that, meaning that CA no longer had the right to pass it's own gun regulations? I can't imagine you'd be in favor of that.

That's what I mean by being for states rights.
I guess my point is that we focus too much on states vs. Feds in this country. How do other countries get around this? Individual liberties shouldn't depend on those sort of tensions. Way too often all levels of government are in agreement.
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