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Default Re: thoughts on Jets - Titans

Originally Posted by mikegrimey View Post
Why did the jets even bother to trade for Tebow if they're not going to give him a crack at QB? Must have Been a disconnect between team management and coaching somewhere because you typically don't trade draft picks for a punt protector
well, after announcing they're going with their "3rd-stringer" now, instead of even giving Tebow a shot at all - it proves that the acquisition of Tebow was only for the media circus, hoopla, and sideshow - only.
And thats what they got. A horrendous way to run a team. You don't acquire a player just for that reason and that reason alone. This franchise is a joke right now, a complete embarrassment. The whole house needs cleaned. GM, OC, Head Coach. Sanchez too, the only problem is he's in for over 8 million in guaranteed money next year (another example of how STUPID this organization is - he was given more once Tebow was signed - how mindboggling stupid).
Ryan should be fired the day after the season ends. But hey, this is the Jokes (i mean Jets). They need the "circus". Of course he'll stay.

Funny --- the Giants play in the same city and they dont' need the 'media circus' - yet - they seem to get by just fine, dont' they???
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