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Default Re: James Harrison: I now hit guys in the knees

Another thing, and I don't think anyone here will disagree, is if the rules force every team to go in the same direction and become, say, a Patriot clone, or a Packers clone, or a New Orleans clone, and each and every game is nothing but a Quarterback slinging the ball back and forth down a field in shoot out after shoot out, the NFL will get real boring, real fast.

It's the match ups that make the NFL interesting.

Some teams are the Patriots.

Some teams are the Steelers.

Some teams are the Ravens.


I feel like Roger Goodell is going to force one style of play and one style of play only on the entire league, thinking offense is more exciting and generates more fans, but offense is only exciting if it's unique to the league and one style of many through out the NFL.

Constant shoot outs all day long on Sunday, every single Sunday, would get just as boring as every team being a defensive power house and ending in 3-6 field goal battles.
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