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I'm pretty disappointed with a lot of our star players, but not so much with Woodley. LeBeau said in preseason that Woodley came in to camp in the best shape he has. The rumor is that he was at 290lbs last year and came in at 265lbs this year. There was a thread on this forum with the link earlier this year, but I'm having trouble finding it. I thought he was playing well at the beginning of the season and he was put in pass coverage constantly. It's just an injury holding him back again like last year. As mentioned he was tearing it up last year till he blew his hamstring, and by the way he fell it looked like he tore it pretty bad, and he never had time to get into a rhythm after that. If I recall correctly he only made it back for 2 or 3 games.

I did expect more from him when he was in, but he did do well IMO and he was put in coverage so much he didn't get much of a chance for sacks and tackles in the backfield. No doubt he looks "fatter" now then earlier this year though, and maybe you guys are right and he will continue to under perform, but I won't be convinced of that until next IF he continues to under perform. When a player misses a large portion of games and gets back with just a few left they often times struggle for the rest of that year. We'll see. Foote is playing well but as he gets older and Harrison retires this LB corps will be anchored by Woodley and Timmons. Timmons was doing very well mid season but he's seemed to drop of a bit. Then again the whole defense dropped of. Either way Pittsburgh D has always been about bad ass LB corps, time for these guys to step up big.
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