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Default Re: Any updates on Sean Spence?

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
Are there two players on the Steelers named Foote? The Foote I have watched for years gets pushed back too often by ball carriers. He also takes bad angles and has a habit of waiting for the ball carrier to come to him rather than attacking. The only thing worse is his pass coverage. The guy is basically a backup. Unfortunately, the Steelers will probably re-sign him and start him again, depending on Spence's knee.
I remember Foote playing well as the "other " ILB back in the middle of last decade.

I dont remember Foote "stuffing players behind the LOS" for years. 2008 seems to be the first year Tackle for Loss stat was kept in the NFL and Foote had 3 (2 of them were sacks). In the last 5 seasons in the NFL, Larry Foote has had 22 tackles for loss, with 12 of them being sacks.

So over the past 5 seasons, Foote averages 2 tackles per season behind the line of scrimmage.................simply outstanding.
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