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Default Re: Do we break the bank on Hampton ?

Why do we not sign our top picks to longer contracts. Think we could still have burress and kendrell for another year. Look at the pats they sign their rookies to 5 to 6 year contracts. If they do not like it tough, last year ben watson held out (pats #1), contract terms too long, he signs at the end of camp for less money and gets slammed with the extra year. Richard seymour is threatening to sit out this year becuase the pats forced? him to sign a 6 year deal out of college. i know you all might bring up alonzo jackson (2nd round bust?) but in the nfl the contract is not guranteed so you may lose a little in a larger signing bonus but come on. there is no reason that casey hampton could walk after only wearing the black and gold for four years. burress gone after four, kendrel gone after four...let keep our yonger players a little longer...
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