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Default Re: Monday will mark 4 months......

Making an ass out of oneself?

The truth of what I said follows no matter what team we're talking about. There have now been 40 Super Bowls. Here is a complete list of teams that successfully defended the title:

Green Bay
San Francisco
New England

That's 8 out of 39 (since you guys haven't gotten your chance yet, it isn't 40). Let's just say it's 40 so the math stays easy, though. That means there is a 1 in 5 chance (or 20%) that Pittsburgh will repeat based on past history. Lets's say the Cardinals win next year. The same stat will apply. The same stat would apply if Miami wins next year.

Nowhere in this thread did I suggest Miami was going to win the Super Bowl next year. I'm hopeful just like I'm sure you all are. I'm not the type of person to take ofense to somebody making the truthful statement that my Dolphins probably aren't going to win next year, though. No one team is probably going to win it next year. That's just a function of probability.

Maybe before you go the cut and paste route next time you'll read what was written and not just post the first thing that comes to mind.
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