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Default Re: We gave them the game

I'd like to hear from all the Ben Roethlisberger defenders. You want this guy having the keys to the car - calling the shots?

Yet again, he's shown that he is more of a gunslinger/risk taker ala Brett Favre than an intelligent QB - and, hasn't done anything of any significance since Feb 2009. Maybe Ben needs to start trusting others a little more than being John Wayne. The dumbest football I've witnessed the past few weeks since Neil O' Donnell.

EDIT: Anyone see Hampton crying at the end of the game? This was the last time some of those guys will play in any significant game together. Yet again, 11 out of 22 starters, namely 1 let this team and the defense down. They played like a #1 defense -and your QB savior fucked it up again. I love what Ben HAS DONE. But, he's looked average the past two seasons.

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