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Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
I can't be the only one thinking that this year, maybe going 7-9 isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Look, if we lose out we'd be picking around 11 - 13, and that is going to leave the absolute best pass rushers on the board for us if we so choose. We might have to take one for the team here and have a negative record for the team to bloom next year. Going 7-9 isn't necessarily the worst thing if it means longtime sustainability for the defense and reloading - not rebuilding - our team.

A decade of excellence and being a perennial contender leads to a down year in terms of reloading and if it's just one, then I'm ok with that. I'm not naive enough to think that we can keep picking 28 - 32 in every round and keep on getting All Pro players. Maybe one down year is worth it.
We'll see. You're right though. We can't pick 28-32 and keep on getting all pro talent. Tough to find a silver lining in losing though.
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