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Originally Posted by Tulsa View Post
Those who had problems with Cowher....I don't think any of those problems were because we lacked fundamentals. Tomlin's teams lacks fundamentals at times....and he has a low football IQ.

Prime examples ...why in the world would you attempt a 54 yard FG in that situation? Why did he go for a FG on 4th and 1 from the 6? Why not take a knee with 40 seconds left when your QB is obviously struggling and your leading WR is out?
I only agree with your first point
The long FG

Going for a chip shot FG when it's the first half and your only down by 7 is an easy decision, the odds of a miss are very low, you can't just call it bad coaching because of a rare miss

Also it's fine to try and win the game at the end, that's a case of just being outplayed

Tomlin won't be fired, I'd be shocked if he was, but I think the op seriously overrates some of the talent on this team
Could they be better? Easily
Do you really think they trump every other team w pure talent? I dont
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