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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

Ben's the one who really cost us this game. The offense, led by him, was terrible all day. Ben actually gave up more points (the pick 6 and the INT for the game winning FG) then he made (the one TD pass to A. Brown). This is the third game this season where he's had a chance to win the game, and not only does he not make the drive, he loses the game. The offense has WAY too much talent too be this shitty, and we've already chanced our OC, so who's to blame?

Tomlin's FG attempt was a complete dumb ass call but ultimately the defense bailed us out AGAIN. The offense should have at least been able to get in decent FG range in at least one of their last 2 tries, that combined with our terrible offense and Ben's INT"s is why we lost the game though, not Tomlin's call.
That said, I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I agree. The problem is: who could we get that's better? I would definitely like to see Cowher come back, but that's unlikely, and the other good coach's that come to mind have been retired for a while also.
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