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Default Re: Fire Tomlin

Why shut it down? this question has meret. I agree Tomlin has been horrible all year IMO. This team is undisciplined. Constantly making mental mistakes. the Defense hasn"t gotten turn overs on a consistant basis. Every year, this team would be at the top of the plus and minus. They can't tackle. Throwing yourself at a player isn't tackling.
I was listening to an interviwe with Boomer Isaiason. He said he was talking to Cower in between halves of the games about the Steelers lack of causing turnovers. Cower said that they practiced stripping the ball every practice. It doesn't seem they are practicing this still.
The offense obviously makes blunders as well as today and last week can attest. Trying a 50 yarder in Hienz field isn't smart. Antonio Browns consistent dumb ass playing is getting old.

No I don't think this should be shut down.
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