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Default Re: Read this if you want a clue as to why the offense stinks

Originally Posted by defence View Post
7you got my respect. i don't give a shit how people want to see it. the reality of it is the Steelers tried to play a system that doesn't fit what you have. They tried to force players to play in a system that doesn't work. Haley MUST go or be forced to work with the strengths they have. I'm reading shit about getting rid of BEN. You fucking kidding me?? I will always be a fan. Love the Steelers since I was an 8 year old kid. I'm now 41. I've seen alot of bad shit but to talk shit about a guy who has come in and saved our asses sooooo many times and win super bowls is truly pathetic. Ben messed up. YES!!! But he didn't lose our season. Tomlin and Haley are responsible for that!!
There's too big reasons the Steelers played the way they did this season:

1.) Outdated philosophies. Worrying too much about TOP rather than scoring. Thus resulting in an offense that does not fit it's personnel. They took points away from themselves.

2.) Playing scared. Worrying about what "could" go wrong. Ben "could" get hurt (which he did), the defense "could" give up big plays (which they did at times during the season). They spent so much time worrying about what could go wrong rather than making plays.

Now, we saw the defense become aggressive today. GOOD. Take that into next season and learn that you have to play the same way on offense. This close to the vest shit resulted in a 7-9 or 8-8 season.
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