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Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Consistently losing against bad teams equals bad coaching. Fundamentals lost us this season. Every loss was an ugly loss because we gave those games away. Week after week we'd shoot ourselves in the foot with being unprepared and ridiculous turnovers and in game decisions. Get a clue man. Tomlin ain't nothing special as a coach. Hes turning a legacy of a franchise into a joke. Be prepared for more of the same next season. Have your excuses locked and ready next season when we lose to more bottom feeder teams. Wake up man...
So one bad season is "turning a legacy of a franchise into a joke" ??? The last time we had an embarrassing season under Tomlin, and we shot ourselves in the foot all season and lost to bad teams, we went to the Super Bowl the next year. It's not the end of the world, but a lot of people are acting like it. Yeah this season sucked. Yeah Tomlin made some questionable decisions. No he's not an awful coach. No, poor play is not automatically a direct result of bad coaching, especially when you had as many stupid injuries as we did this year and players who should be on the practice squad are forced into starting roles.

Every team has a bad season every once in a while. The Steelers tend to rebound more often than not. How about we wait and see what this team can do when healthy instead of running Tomlin out of town at every tiny opportunity that pops up.
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